Learn & Earn Advanced-career Pathways (LEAP)

As the standard template for career pathway development in Nevada, LEAP integrates education, government and industry in a standardized process to ensure that workers have the skills they need to succeed in both the short - and long-term in the New Nevada, that education institutions know what they need to teach, and that companies have a qualified workforce.  LEAP is designed to be a dynamic and responsive framework. Under LEAP, the following are essential:

Fully integrated – credits transfer from high school to college and university

Standardized – qualifications obtained are recognized and applicable across an industry

CTE foundation – pathways are rooted in statewide CTE standards

Employer Engagement – company participation is an essential component

Life Long Learning – enabled through the frameworks “on” and “off” ramps

Link to PDF pages of charts:

LEAP Essentials

LEAP Timeline

LEAP Recognition and Scale

LEAP Manufacturing Framework (Northern Cluster)

Matching Skills with Job Titles for Manufacturing

LEAP Manufacturing Framework (Southern Cluster)

LEAP Life Sciences Framework (Northern Cluster)

Matching Skills with Job Titles for Life Sciences

LEAP Information and Communications Technology Framework

As of January 2017, LEAP will be integrated into Nevada’s $2 million-winning New Skills for Youth Grant.

LEAP is supported in a joint resolution of the Nevada Board of Regents and Nevada State Board of Education (October 2016). The Washoe County School District received a Workforce Magazine Optimas Silver Award for Managing Change for the district’s utilization of LEAP (November 2015).

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