Logistics & Operations

Wages and jobs in Nevada’s Logistics and Operations sector sent mixed signals over the past two quarters. Over the period, 3,200 jobs have been added to the sector while earnings have slipped by $400. In total, there are 70,000 jobs in the sector with average annual earnings of $56,000.


The Logistics and Operations sector is significant industry entrenched in both Southern and Northern Nevada.

Nevada’s primary focus is on new warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing operations that are seeking a West Coast hub of operations. Nevada can especially compete against neighboring states because of the available infrastructure, lower costs and regulatory hurdles, lower congestion, and overall ease of doing business.

Both Northern and Southern Nevada are important rail centers, capable of delivering goods and services from the West Coast to America’s Heartland.  Further, state regulation of trucking allows “Triples” or three trailers per cab across much of West, with the exception of California, making the Las Vegas and Reno areas convenient locations for assembly/disassembly of loads headed both East and West.

In Southern Nevada, the Levi Strauss & Co. logistics center is a centerpiece for the sector. Moreover, the region is much more dominated by activities related to the Southern Nevada’s tourism industry.  A large share of Southern Nevada’s growth and activities in warehousing, distribution, logistics, and freight transport are also very much linked to the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Northern Nevada is home to more than 65 trucking companies and national logistics companies like ITS Logistics that can reach more than 60 million consumers in a single day. A number of retail distribution companies such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as assembly-based and light manufacturing companies have located in Nevada to be close to their customers.


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