Information Technology

There has been strong growth in the number of Business Information Technology jobs while wages have been essentially flat. With the addition of 1,500 jobs in the first quarter, there are now 52,600 people employed in the sector. Average annual wage currently stands at $44,800.

With an unparalleled digital infrastructure, low rating for natural disasters, and an abundance of traditional and green power sources, Nevada is emerging as an advanced center for information technology businesses.

Information technology in southern Nevada is anchored by technology giants Switch Communications and

Led by Mr. Rob Roy, Switch Communications is the world’s largest and most powerful data center and technology ecosystem. As a member of the Board of Directors for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Mr. Roy is a tireless advocate for the state. Through his leadership, Switch has opened The InNEVation Center in Las Vegas, where entrepreneurs can find communal working space in a collaborative environment supported by the strongest technology, political, business and funding networks in the world.

Led by Mr. Tony Hsieh, is one of the Internet’s most admired retail brands for shoes and apparel. Mr. Hsieh is a major proponent to turn downtown Las Vegas into a leading live-work-play technology zone for technology and business people.

In northern Nevada, Apple Computer has announced plans to open an iCloud data center in Reno, in large part because of proximity to its Silicon Valley headquarters. Apple’s decision has spurred growing interest in northern Nevada as other companies explore Apple’s choice and discover the region’s natural advantages.

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