Certified Site Information

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the following questionnaire regarding site certification by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). Site certification assures businesses and site selectors that the information regarding timetables, infrastructure, price and process is accurate and ensures the site is ready for immediate development. Information regarding all Certified Sites will be sent to a database of site selectors and appear on the GOED website.

We ask you to fill out the form as completely as possible, giving as much detail as you can. The more information we have, the better we can move through the site certification process.

Finding a Certified Site helps simplify and speed up the process for companies and site selectors looking for a location to do business, as well as mitigating risks. More and more companies are waiting to select a site until the economy is stable, meaning there is less time between when companies decide to relocate or expand and when they need to select a site. Therefore, decisions are being made more quickly, creating a need for fast-track sites that have been certified and are ready to be developed or moved into now.

Three general factors define a Certified Site: The site must be available with a firm price; it must be fully served by utilities and transportation access; and it must be ready for permitted development within a defined and known period of time.

Most importantly, when filling out this form, please make certain you identify any restrictions or limitations. These must be resolved before designation as a Certified Site.

Thank you again for your interest in the site certification process. Please contact Perry Ursemus in southern Nevada at 702-486-2700 or Mike Skaggs in northern Nevada at 775-687-9933 with any questions while filling out the form.

Site/Real Estate Information
Site Name & Address
Site Information
(i.e., greenfield site, industrial property, certified site, etc.)
(size, height, docks, parking, etc.)
Please attach aerial and site level photographs of the site including location maps with site(s) identified, site plans, topography maps, utility boundary maps and ArcGIS shape files.
History of Ownership and uses
(e.g. noise restriction, light restrictions, etc.)
Identify surrounding land uses
Utility Services
(high voltage transmissions lines, distribution, panel voltage and phase)
(adjacent to or distance to service)
Natural Gas
Communications Service
(include type: International, General Aviation, Public/Private)
Special Development Processing
Special handling for land use, permitted and inspections
The minimum and maximum times from Application to Building Permit for this site according to local ordinances are days minimum to days maximum. It is understood that specific site requirements like Traffic Studies can make this a longer process.

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