Services and Programs

The Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development is your resource for the entire state, and its Business Development & Research Team works to provide you with the necessary facts for informed business decision-making.  Lower taxation, reduced workers' compensation insurance rates and other decreased operation costs are just part of the package.


As a state agency, the Commission has inter-agency access to information from the Nevada Department of Taxation to Nevada Department of Environmental Protection.  Let us get the answers for you to make a well-planned transition.  Save time and money on site research by calling us first. Or start by looking through the data library


Whether you are an existing business or a relocation, Nevada has programs to help grow your business—on the job training, exporting products or winning government contracts.


We have the connections to enable you to visit available commercial or warehouse sites, recruit qualified employees, and fast-track your project. See Nevada Regional Development Authorities

Who's Doing Business Here